Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Cover Exploits Affair Scandal

Tiger Woods may be MIA (now allegedly somewhere in Africa), but that hasn’t stopped Vanity Fair from exploiting the fallen golfer to boost their sales. The February 2009 cover of Vanity Fair features a pumped, shirtless Tiger Woods lifting iron while he glares dangerously at the lens of celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Cover
Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Cover

Tiger Woods has been hiding from public view since his bizarre car crash in November. Rumors have burned across the Net that the golfer is shacked up on a yacht in Florida, hiding out at a luxury Trump property, undergoing plastic surgery for injuries caused by his wife Elin Nordegren or possibly receiving sex addiction therapy in rehab in Arizona. Each rumor just seems crazier than the last! The latest ‘where in the world is Tiger Woods’ speculation – thanks to TMZ.com – is that the legendary golfer is holed up somewhere in Africa to keep out of public view.

Tiger Woods hasn’t been photographed in months, but that didn’t stop Vanity Fair from capitalizing on his image to boost sales of their upcoming February issue. The magazine splashed their cover with a previously unpublished photo of Woods shirtless and slightly menacing in a clear ploy to garner profits over his affairs scandal. The self-proclaimed “raw never-before-seen” photo spread by Annie Leibovitz continues inside the mag, accompanied by snarky commentary from Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger.

No matter where Tiger Woods may be trying to hide out, it seems there isn’t a hole deep enough to keep him from being exploited by the media for their own profits.

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Tiger Woods Birthday Present – Rumors of Plastic Surgery and Rehab

Tiger Woods is out there somewhere celebrating his birthday, but we doubt he’s enjoying it all that much. Woods turns 34 today and his present from the world is a new slew of rumors about where he’s been hiding out lately.

Where in the world is Tiger Woods?
Where in the world is Tiger Woods?

One rumor claims Tiger Woods is undergoing plastic surgery for injuries sustained to his face after being slammed in the head by wife Elin Nordegren with a 9-iron after she found racy text messages to him from alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel. Another report circulating claims the golfer has checked into rehab in Arizona for sex addiction treatment. Then there are the rumors Tiger Woods is shacked up aboard his private yacht in Palm Beach and spending his free time canoodling with Uchitel.

Considering how desperate the paparazzi are to snap even one photo of Tiger Woods, it’s actually pretty spectacular he’s managed to keep his mug out of the media this long following that whole bizarre car accident thing and ensuing affairs scandal.

Wherever Tiger Woods is and whatever it is he really is doing on his birthday, we just hope he’s not fueling any more fodder for future tabloid nastiness.

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