Kristen Stewart’s Vampire Pregnancy Transformation

Here’s a bit of behind-the-scenes info. The latest Twilight installment has Bella (Kristin Stewart) marrying vampire Edward Cullen and unexpectedly getting pregnant while on their honeymoon. As one would logically assume, a vampire baby carried by a human causes a lot of trouble. As the baby gets bigger, Bella withers away, unable to eat. In order to produce this haunting transformation, a special effects team worked arduously. The result is so believable that many wondered if Stewart really lost a bunch of weight.

She didn’t. Instead, she had to sit through hours of prosthetics and makeup application to make her eyes look more sunken and her ears larger. It was a bold move by the studio – to commit to making the main character of a hit movie look – well – grotesque for much of the film. But Stewart was game, saying the prosthetics made her feel like she had a “big, skinny head” for many of the scenes.


Twilight on Track to Break Records

Less than 24-hours after it opened, Twilight is on track to have the second highest-grossing opening weekend in 2011. Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is set to take in $65 to $75 million this weekend after being released at midnight last night. It’s inaugural midnight show alone brought in #30.3 million. Breaking Dawn  has a big enough following that it’s already taking business away from other films out this weekend.

Until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released this summer, the last two Twilight movies set records for best midnight performance.  Deathly Hallows earned $43.6 million for its midnight showings, making Breaking Dawn number two in terms of all-time midnight best.

As if you need us to tell you, the film stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.


Twilight Actors Cemented in Hollywood

As if their names and their movie franchise wouldn’t give them enough star power, Twilight saga stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner are officially cemented in Hollywood history. The group each put their hand- and foot-prints in cement on the Walk of Fame outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Each actor took turns saying a few words – some less awkwardly than others – thanking their fans and their franchise. “This is such an incredible honor,”  Pattison gushed, “how young we are, it’s kind of ridiculous and amazing at the same time.”

After that, each star signed their names in the wet cement and left and hand- and foot-print behind in a section labeled “The Twilight Saga.” And of course, after the ceremony the trio was on hand to sign autographs for hundreds and hundreds of screaming fans.

Fame is getting to Robert Pattinson

Twilight actor Robert Pattinson has more than his share of attention, both from photographers and fans, and from the sound of it, he’s had enough.  Pattinson, whose first love is live theatre, says it’s impossible to participate in a play or a musical because his fans, mostly teenage girls, show up and go ballistic, disrupting the performance.

Pattinson also said he can no longer enter buildings through the front door, as it gets too crazy and the fans get out of control.  He said there was a time when he thought it was fun to be bombarded with screaming girls, but now he’d just like to get on with his life and his career, which is proving impossible.

Stephen King writing a novel about JFK

Horror writer Stephen King is currently working on a new novel, and he’s going about it from a slightly different angle than usual.  The book is going to be called 11/22/63, and apparently it’s about a guy who finds a portal that leads to 1958, and he travels back in time in order to try to prevent the Kennedy assassination.

I’m too lazy to Google it, but I’m 99% sure there’s a Twilight Zone episode that’s based on exactly the same storyline – guy travels back in time, prevents Kennedy from dying, and then has to live with the consequences of his actions.  It still sounds like an interesting idea, but you would think King wouldn’t bother with a story that had already been written.  Maybe he’ll put a unique spin on it – that seems to be his thing.

Twilight dominates 2011 People’s Choice nominations

It’s the awards ceremony that actually reflects what we like, and this year it seems we like one thing more than anything else: Twilight.  Eclipse tops the 2011 People’s Choice Awards list with eight nominations, making it the most likely to win a ton of awards.  If you’re not into Twilight, Glee also got five nominations, and poor little Justin Bieber only got two.

As awards shows go, though, this one should be pretty good, as it’s going to be hosted by Queen Latifah, and she’s always pretty entertaining.  The show will air on the 5th of January, so you can put it on your new year’s resolutions list to catch that.

Kristen Stewart Apologizes for ‘Raped’ by Fame Comment

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has issued a public apology for comparing being photographed by paparazzi to being “raped” in an interview with British Elle. Since her starring role in the Twilight film franchise thrust Kristen Stewart into international stardom, the actress has frequently whined about the price of being famous. Mostly we just ignore her, but her latest comment in an interview with British Elle really pissed some people off – including us.

Kristen Stewart (Photo: Sgt. Michael Connors - Wikimedia Commons)
Kristen Stewart (Photo: Sgt. Michael Connors - Wikimedia Commons)

Stewart compared viewing paparazzi photographs of celebrities to “looking at someone being raped” in the interview. “A lot of the time I can’t handle it,” Stewart said. “It’s f–ked. I never expected this to be my life.”

Now Stewart has come out to issue a public apology for her crass comment. “I really made an enormous mistake – clearly and obviously. And I’m really sorry about my choice of words,” Stewart said in a press statement. “‘Violated’ definitely would have been a better way of expressing the thought. People thinking that I’m insensitive about this subject rips my guts out. I made a big mistake.”

Yeah, we have to agree with you on that one Kristen. And remember, if fame sucks SO badly, you can always do us a huge favor by taking your Twilight millions and retiring into obscurity on some deserted island anytime you like.

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