Bette Midler Sings Kim Kardashian Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

We all need a good laugh sometimes and Bette Midler singing some of the most ridiculous tweets from Kim Kardashian will do that for you this morning! Bette Midler was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week and she sang a few of Kim’s crazy tweets, which is too funny not to share! Check out Bette Midler on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below!


I will still question how some of these “celebrities” have so many followers on social media sites. I mean, do you really need to know or care about some of the things they tweet out???

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Bieber takes the high road with “brat” comments

Justin “the brat” Bieber claims that his new name, given to him by CSI star Marg Helgenberger, is unfair, especially since he only met the woman in passing, and he claims thy never worked together.

Bieber took to twitter yesterday to defend himself, saying “it’s kinda lame when someone you met briefly and never worked with comments on you. I will continue to wish them luck and be kind.”  Aw, our little guy is growing up… unless the claims of him putting a fist through a cake and locking a producer in a closet are true, in which case I don’t think one well-place diplomatic tweet can negate that.

Twitter and Donnie Wahlberg save a girl’s life

This is an amazing story of the power of social networking.  New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg retweeted a link from one of his fans, who mentioned that her best friend, Bobbette Miller, was suffering from kidney failure, and would die if a suitable donor could not be found quickly.

Wahlberg, who has nearly 200,000 followers, passed the message on to his fan base, and the next thing that happened was the hospital was overwhelmed with calls of people willing to help.  Not only was a suitable donor found, but there were actually six matches from the people who called in off the retweet.  Bobbette will have the transplant surgery in about a month’s time, all thanks to her friend and Donnie.

Kim Kardashian is an idiot

Kim Kardashian thinks her Twitter account was hacked this week, but all evidence points to something else: she simply forgot her password.  Kim expressed annoyance on Twitter that she could post from her cell phone, but not log in from her home computer.  She took this to mean that someone had hacked into her account and changed the password, but as experts have pointed out, if this were the case she wouldn’t have been able to post from her phone.

The alleged “hacker” did not post anything and did not abuse Kim’s account in any way.  In other words… yeah, it was imaginary.  She just forgot her password and freaked out because that’s the only thing that gets people to look at her anymore.

Nicki Minaj is a walking disaster area

Trouble follows attention whore Nicki Minaj wherever she goes, but honestly she invites most of it.  The singer is currently in the UK on a European tour, and British authorities have had nothing but problems with Minaj, her entourage, and mostly her rowdy and disrespectful fans.  Many have accused Minaj of egging her fans on via Twitter, as she’s been doing things like tweeting her flight arrival times and causing chaos at Heathrow.

Minaj has been kicked out of her room at the Dorchester after her fans vandalized one of the hotel’s elevators, and the sheer number of people became too much for security to handle.  Even one of the tour’s shows had to be canceled, after a fight broke out among overzealous fans and the venue was deemed unsafe for a performance.

Celebrity “digital death” revival required a bailout

Well, no one can say they didn’t see this coming – after a week of blissful silence from some of the world’s most annoying celebrities, the Keep a Child Alive publicity stunt had only raised about a third of the money required to get the celebrities back online again and to put an end to their self-imposed “digital deaths.”

It appears at least one rich guy wanted to see his favorite stars back on Twitter, as billionaire Stewart Rahr donated half a million dollars to put an end to the embarrassing epic fail.  The celebs themselves have expressed annoyance as to how the whole thing was managed, and at least one of the participants, Usher, started using Twitter again before the monetary goal was met.

Danny Bonaduce speaks out against “digital deaths”

The recent “digital death” celebrity publicity stunt for the Keep a Child Alive foundation is not really progressing as well as the participating stars had hoped, and some are even speaking out against what is being referred to as “emotional blackmail” from the celebrities who are withholding Twitter and Facebook updates until the $1 million donation mark is reached.

Actor-turned-radio-host Danny Bonaduce voiced his annoyance on his morning radio show, stating that it was ridiculous to start a fight against a disease by quitting something, and he feels that celebrities holding silence over their fans’ heads was an abuse of power.  Bonaduce suggested that a better idea might be for the celebrities to use social media to remind their followers to donate.  In the first day of the “event” the donations didn’t even reach $100,000 – apparently people aren’t in such a great hurry to have these egomaniacs back online.