My Grownup Christmas List

The day after tomorrow is the day we celebrate the biggest Gift ever given in history. Christmas, the day of hope, joy, and the greatest love of all. I wish you the merriest of Christmases, hope even in these times of trouble, and joy that comes not from things, but from blessings much more profound. Here’s Kelly Clarkson singing “My Grownup Christmas List”, one of my favorite modern Christmas songs. This has been an incredible year, and you’ve all played a BIG part. Thank you, bless you, and may 2009 be your best year ever!

The Crazy Cheetah Lady Is From Chicago…That Explains A Lot

Wow! Another Chicagoan caught acting their CRAZY selves! Y’all up there in the windy city might wanna police Youtube a little better if you don’t want the rest of us to think you’re all freakin’ bananas. Snarkista thinks Gov. Rod Blagojevich should give Cheetah Lady an appointment. Or at least a taco!

Kanye’s Pissed ‘Cuz He Sucked On SNL- Video

Snarkista and Snarkista Jr. have been talking about this one since Saturday Night Live was over this week...Kanye West sucked as the musical guest. Kanye brought his super space-stage (the one that took him forever to set up at Bonnaroo and pissed everybody off). That was the best part of his show.
1. Kanye’s synthesizer on his voice was busted.
2. Kanye couldn’t find a note if it hit him in the sunglasses.
3. Kanye dances like a cross between an Elvis impersonator and someone being attacked by fire ants.

Somehow during the chorus of “Love Lockdown”, Kanye was more on-key, Lip synching? The lights were off and the super space-screen was going crazy as Kanye danced. As soon as it was verse-time- back to sucking harder. Kanye is PISSED because he “thought he was good.” Kanye ALWAYS thinks he’s good! But TMZ says that 62% of their viewers agreed with us. Crappy! See what YOU think!

Then there was “Heartless/Pinocchio Story”. Youch. And the lyrics TRULY suck. Namedropping designers is TIRED, yo.

Miley Cyrus Skanks It Up In New “Fly On The Wall” Video

Yeah, Miley Cyrus is doing her best to follow in the steps of the great one…Britney Spears. Except Miley started sooner. Here’s her new video for “Fly On The Wall”, which features Miley playing with her hair a lot, licking her lips, and getting chased by the papz. So original!

Britney Spears’ “Circus” Video Premiere Moved To Tonight

ET has decided that the Britney Spears PR extravaganza cannot wait until tomorrow for its next phase…the release of her video for “Circus”. Brit-Brit’s been taking her Circus freakin’ everywhere, and a Korean pirate copy of the vid already hit the net. The NY Daily News snipes that:

Britney Spears’ new album should have been called “Catatonic.” Spies say the pop tart looked vacant at her 27th-birthday party/”Circus” album release bash at Tenjune. In fact, her empty, wide-eyed stare as she was pushed and prodded throughout the club prompted more than a few revelers to whisper, “She’s so out of it!” Joining in the revelry were Jeremy Piven, Josh Lucas, DJ MOS and MSNBC host Dan Abrams.

Ouch! ET’s decided that y’all need to see the HQ version sooner, so tune in tonight if you are besotted by Britney. In fact, if you’re so inclined, ET has more Britney birthday Circus shizz than you could ever want!

Meanwhile, we have this sneak peak:

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Katy Perry Is NOT Sasha Fierce!

Spazmo songstress Katy Perry tries really hard to recreate Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” (Put A Ring On It) routine while a bunch of roadie slobs cheer her on. Katy may be able to dress like a cupcake, but Beyonce has nothing to fear from crazy Katy! Why?
A) Katy doesn’t have the moves.
B) Katy doesn’t have a filthy rich husband.
C) Katy has no ass.
Katy IS, however, giving the heinous House of Dereon a hellofa run in the “style” department!


A Look Back At Devastation: Archuleta Loses, Causes Tween PTSD

Ah, time for a funny for Friday! Remember way back when super-cutie David Archuleta lost to David Cook on this year’s American Idol? Remember how it was the grownups fault? Yeah. Here’s a look at the worst day of the year for tweens everywhere. The reactions are priceless! “David Cook doesn’t even SHAVE!” And a lesson…don’t make bets with money you don’t have! Somebody’s gonna hate their mom for this in a few more years.