The Amazing Race 2012 Recap: Drama in Tanzania

This week on The Amazing Race 2012, it was all about the drama on an episode aptly named “I Didn’t Make Her Cry.” Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas of Big Brother fame have already been involved their share of drama on this season of The Amazing Race 20, but this week it gets downright nasty when the two end up facing down Vanessa and Ralph in the airport on the way to Tanzania.

The drama in this episode of The Amazing Race 2012 seems to have been just waiting to burst out into a wildfire. So when a middle finger got thrown in the airport in Tanzania, it was full on catfight between Team Rachel and Brendon and Team Vanessa and Ralph.


As the episode launches,  the teams are now headed off to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in Africa for the next leg of The Amazing Race 20 journey.

First up in our drama for the evening, Art and JJ have a lovely snarky bit about being annoyed with Rachel and Brendon with always following them around, but yet they share their suspicion with the Big Brother alumni team about Jamie and Nary not being teachers. (Based on a comment made by the girls made in the last episode.) Naturally, the minute Nary and Jamie run into Brendon at the travel agency, he tells them about Art and JJ’s belief the two are possibly police officers.

Why did I feel like I am watching an episode of Big Brother 13, rather than The Amazing Race 2012?

Next up, we have some serious drama erupts at the airport when Brendon bumps into one of the other guys in line and allegedly flips off a middle finger at him. This ‘bumping’ incident explodes into full-on crap-throwing from all sides. There’s yelling, there’s name-calling, there’s alleged shoving… this was just some of the most fun, bitchy BS we’ve seen all season on The Amazing Race 20. The best part had to be when Vanessa basically told Rachel she looks old and fat, and should have gotten a nose job before getting her boobs done. Snap!

The whole thing degrades even further when Art and JJ overhear Rachel being whiny and upset because of what Vanessa said to her and start laughing… with Rachel and Brendon right there hearing them do it. Vanessa rolls her eyes over Rachel crying about the whole game being all about Vanessa dissing her and says it wasn’t her who made Rachel cry, it was Rachel’s own lack of self-esteem — and says Rachel shouldn’t dish it out if she can’t take it.

Next up, Art and JJ decide they are going to throw their own drama into the mix this week and confront Jamie and Nary with their suspicions the women are police officers. Both women deny any such thing and continue to claim they are kindergarten teachers (while, of course, we know they are actually federal agents).

Eventually all the teams make their way to the next leg of the journey via charter plane. Art and JJ end up on the first flight out with Bendon and Rachel. Mark and Bopper are on the second flight with Dave and Rachel 2, On the last flight are Vanessa and Ralph and Nary and Jamie.

When they arrive, the teams have to choose a Safari truck and head off to the Ngorongoro Crater. (Say that three times fast!) JJ and Art make it to the next stop first and discovered it is a Detour. When faced with the choice between learning to hunt in a ‘marksmanship’ challenge and a jumping’ courtship’ challenge in a local Bandai warrior ritual, Art and JJ decide to go for the ‘marksmanship’ challenge.

When they arrive, Brendon and Rachel choose the ‘courtship’ jumping ritual instead of the ‘marksmanship’ challenge and end up finishing first. They get their next clue and head off on a bike ride back to the Safari trucks on the way to the Simba campsite. Art and JJ follow-up a close second with the rest of the teams trailing behind.

Due to errors from the other teams, it is actually Rachel and Dave who end up at the Simba campsite first for their next challenge. Each team has to assemble their own tent for the evening’s campout before they can check into the Pit Stop.

Before we get through this challenge, we have yet another bit of bitching going on, this time between Rachel and Dave. The two start fighting and Dave tells Rachel to shut up. She responds by telling him he is the most negative person she has ever known.

In the end, despite their arguing, it is Rachel and Dave who manage to pitch their tent first and check in at the Pit Stop. The two win a trip for two to Costa Rica as a prize for their fourth first place finish. Mark and Bopper check in second, followed by Art and JJ, with Rachel and Brendon checking in fourth.

The last two teams left to battle it out are Nary and Jamie versus Ralph and Vanessa. Finally, it is a race to the finish for Vanessa and Ralph as they manage to get their tent up and get to the Pit Stop first.

Good news for Nary and Jamie though as it turns out this was a non-elimination race leg and they will get to continue the competition next week, although they will have to deal with a Speed Bump due to their last place finish.

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