The Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers: Who Was Eliminated in Week 8? 11/17/2013

On The Amazing Race 2013 tonight, the remaining teams continue their journey around the world in the United Arab Emirates with a wild white water rafting ride. In The Amazing Race 23 episode 8, the teams will also face the second Double U-turn of the season and have to decide how much getting ahead is worth to them. Who got eliminated on The Amazing Race week 8? Keep reading for our prediction for tonight’s episode!

One Hot Camel
The Amazing Race 2013 Episode 8 – Source: CBS

Last week was a non-elimination leg of the race, which was very good news indeed for Nicky & Kim, the team that came in last place. Will they manage to get themselves out of the bottom of the pack so they don’t end up facing elimination again? What do The Amazing Race spoilers say about who goes home in week 8?

(Click the spoilers thumbnails for bigger pics – Source: CBS)

In addition to a white water ride and a Double U-turn, the teams will also be racing dune buggies this week, which looks it might be fun if it was not so incredibly hot and dusty. There is a lot for Nicky & Kim to get through on The Amazing Race tonight if they hope to catch up to everyone else after having to do their last place punishment speed bump. Plus, if they get U-turned… well, a Speed Bump plus a U-turn would be nearly impossible to overcome. Although it has happened in the past!

Based on shaky The Amazing Race 2013 spoilers we have seen and their position in the pack this week, we’re ready to make our prediction about what will happen tonight. We are going to have to be on Kim & Nicky being the ones who went home on The Amazing Race in week 9. We’ll report the official results right here on tonight as soon as we know who is eliminated!

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