The Voice 2012 Elimination Predictions: Semi-Finals

Update: The Voice 2012 Live Elimination Results: Semi-Finals

On The Voice 2012 elimination results show Tuesday night, fans will finally find out if their favorites will be making it to the final four. All of the remaining singers are so incredibly talented and unique, it is very hard to make The Voice 2012 predictions about who will move on to the finals who will get voted off The Voice 2012 Tuesday night.

The four finalists will be determined on  The Voice 2012 by a 50/50 combination of the judges scores and the votes from the viewers. Who will stay and who will get voted off The Voice 2012 this week could be decided by a very slim margin indeed, especially on Team Adam Levine and Team Cee Lo Green.

On Team Adam Levine, both of the remaining contestants are much beloved by both their coach and the fans. Katrina Parker has proven her chops again and again, earning the respect of all The Voice 2012 coaches and building a very strong fan base. Unfortunately, I think Tony Lucca has an even bigger fan base and will receive more votes than Katrina Parker. Sadly, I think coach Adam Levine will also choose Tony over Katrina.

The Voice 2012 prediction for elimination from Team Adam: Katrina Parker

For Team Cee Lo Green, the choice is even more difficult to predict. Cee Lo has two of the best singers still left on The Voice 2012, Jamar Rogers and Juliet Sims. They are so wildly different, it is hard even to make a comparison between the two and I am betting Cee Lo Green is going to get all kinds of emotional no matter which one gets voted off. Since I think both have rather equally strong fan bases, I’m going to have to decide the person who will be eliminated will be the one Cee Lo chooses to send home. It is a tough call, but I think Cee Lo will choose to keep Juliet Sims.

The Voice 2012 prediction for elimination from Team Cee Lo: Jamar Rogers

Making a prediction for who will get voted off Team Blake seems almost a bit too easy. Erin Willet has given some great performances throughout the season, although last night wasn’t one of them. However, Jermaine Paul has not only had a strong season so far and emerged as one of the frontrunners on Team Blake, he also smoked it last night with his performance. I think Jermaine not only has more fans, but he will also get the support of coach Blake Shelton.

The Voice 2012 prediction for elimination from Team Blake: Erin Willet

Last we have Team Christina Aguilera and again, it seems like a rather easy choice for who will get voted off the voice 2012 from this team. Chris Mann has wobbled on the edge of going home before and although he has a great voice, his opera tic performance last night wasn’t all that thrilling. Besides, it’s obvious Christina loves Lindsey Pavao maybe a little too much. Sadly, it should be Jesse Campbell going through to the finals from this team, but since Christina Aguilera booted him off for no good reason, it looks like Lindsey Pavao will probably be taking that spot instead.

The Voice 2012 prediction for elimination from Team Adam: Chris Mann

So there are my The Voice 2012 predictions for elimination after the semi-finals this week. Who do you think will be getting voted off The Voice 2012 on Tuesday night? Let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

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