The Voice 2013 Spoilers: Who Got Voted Off From the Top 12?

We love all contestants this season so much we really didn’t even want to know who went home on The Voice 2013 tonight! Sadly, we can’t just pretend that everyone was safe and the show can just go on entertaining us with no eliminations for endless weeks to come. No matter who was eliminated on The Voice tonight, it was going to be tough.

The Voice 2013 Top 12
The Voice 2013 contestants – Source: NBC

In a big twist this season, The Voice season 5 gave the final fate of the bottom three singers directly to the viewers this time around. After the bottom three in the votes were revealed to the audience, the fans got the chance to save their favorite by tweeting #voicesave and the first name of the singer they did not want to go home. Whichever contestant got the most mentions in the five minutes after the announcement of the bottom three would be safe, even if they had less votes than the other singers. Needless to say, the east coasters dominated the mentions since the show was live for them — a bit unfair we think.

We’re not sure if we are loving this new social media interaction and we just hope the software responsible for counting all those Twitter mentions doesn’t fail at some point. Regardless, it was all up to the fans which of the bottom three would be rescued and who went home on The Voice 2013 tonight.

In the end, the voters decided the three singers who would rank in the bottom this week were Josh Logan from Team Christina Aguilera, Kat Robichaud from Team CeeLo Green, and Jonny Gray from Team CeeLo. After a callout to see which of the three would be saved by fans on Twitter, the two contestants who got voted off The Voice 2013 from the Top 12 were…

Johnny Gray from Team CeeLo and Josh Logan from Team Christina. Kat Robichaud from Team CeeLo was saved by the Twitter fans!

We are sad to see them go, everyone was just so great this week. We think this was one of the best Top 12 weeks on The Voice since the show’s debut. Every elimination from here on out is just going to be painful!

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