The Voice 2013 Spoilers: Who Got Voted Off From the Top 6?

We were a bit sad about who was voted off The Voice 2013 last week because we were rather fond of quirky Caroline Pennell. However, we agreed that neither Caroline or Ray Boudreaux were at the same level as some of the other singers still left in the competition. We were far more worried about The Voice results this week with only six contestants left. One of our favorites could have easily fallen out of favor and been the one who went home on The Voice season 5 tonight!

The Voice 2013 Top 6 - Source: NBC
The Voice 2013 Top 6 – Source: NBC

Although we agree that her performance of “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin last night was absolutely fabulous, 16-year-old Jacquie Lee isn’t one of our top favorites left on The Voice 2013. Despite that, we were glad she really had nothing to worry about tonight after she killed her performances on Monday night. We were pretty sure that Cole Vosbury, who is probably our third favorite singer, wouldn’t be in any danger either from what we saw out there on social media and fan polls. Our main concern was whether our top two favorites, Tessanne Chin or Will Champlin, might somehow fall into the bottom two in The Voice results tonight.

Tessanne Chin could sing the phone book and be spectacular, but were were a bit concerned that her beautiful rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” just wouldn’t click with the masses. We love when Tessanne digs into her reggae roots, but don’t want the audience to start thinking of her too much as “that Jamaican singer.” She did a good job shifting gears with “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry, but all in all, we don’t know that it was her best night ever.

Will Champlin, on the other hand, gave us probably his second best performance on The Voice season 5 with his rendition of “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cook. Although it wasn’t the showstopper his performance of “At Last” was last week, it was still terrific. He also gave a really good showing with “Hey Brother” as well. However, Will is an odd duck and we just never know from week to week if the voters will suddenly toss him aside.

All worries for our favorites aside, we still thought it was most likely that James Wolpert of Team Adam Levine and Matthew Schuler of Team Christina Aguilera would end up in the bottom two tonight. Neither of them really gave ‘wow’ performances last night and both have been riding low in the pack for a while. Of the two, we were thinking James would probably be the one to come in last this week.

So who was voted off The Voice 2013 tonight and won’t be coming back next week? The Voice results for the Top 6 elimination are…


  • Jacquie Lee from Team Christina
  • Cole Vosbury from Team Blake
  • Tessanne Chin from Team Adam
  • Will Champlin from Team Adam


  • Matthew Schuler from Team Christina
  • James Wolpert from Team Adam

And after the Twitter save tonight (yes, we’re still doing that)…


Matthew Schuler! Wow, we really thought James would get the boot if it came down to those two. What do you think of the results tonight?

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