The X Factor Winner – Simon Cowell Predicts Melanie Amaro

Who will be the X Factor winner tonight on the season finale? Well, if Simon Cowell is right, the winner will be 19-year-old Melanie Amaro. You know, the girl Simon Cowell allegedly didn’t pick the first time around and had to go ‘fetch’ in person to tell her he’d changed her mind? Yeah, that one. Cowell told reporters after last night’s X Factor: “my gut, my heart tells me that Melanie should win after tonight.”

First off, let me just say I never bought that whole BS scripted crap about Simon Cowell not choosing Melanie Amaro and then “oh my god I made a terrible mistake!” That whole made-for-TV drama was about as real as a Playboy bunny’s triple Ds. The girl doesn’t even look halfway believable in her ‘shock’ that Cowell came to her house to get her. Looks like one big smelly publicity boost for Amaro as the ‘chosen one’ to me.

I am not saying Melanie Amaro doesn’t have a stellar voice, but she’s basically a cheaper version of half a dozen other diva ladies with even better pipes out there right now. Face it, Melanie Amaro is no Jennifer Hudson when it comes to female music TV reality show contestants who deserve to make it big. If she wins, it will be disappointing and I hope America has better taste and doesn’t fall for that whole ‘I’m so humble really but secretly I’m a robot diva who wouldn’t know soul if it bit me on the head’ routine.

Moving on to Chris Rene, you can’t deny the boy may have the ‘it’ factor, but his voice is severely limited and I have heavy doubts about his versatility. Sure, give him some hip-hop to play with and he’s a bouncy, fun ride and if he keeps it really quiet and smooth, he can even pull off a ballad or too with post-production. He isn’t even all that terrible at a bit of songwriting. A megastar voice and pure, crazy talent, however, Chris Rene just does not have. Like him a lot, but don’t think he should win just because he’s fun to watch and he has a great sob story.

The real winner, if the X Factor was based solely on raw, powerful, undeniable talent, would be Josh Krajcik. Although, frankly, we think he kind of got jacked being paired to sing with Alanis Morissette on The X Factor last night. Who the hell thought that would sound anything but screwed up? Still, for that velvet voice, near perfect pitch, awesome growl and soulful, tear-jerking emotive ability, I’d give the guy a million dollars myself if I had it. Neither of the other two contestants left on this show have brought tears to my eyes or sent chills down my spine. Melanie may have the diva girl thing, Chris may be the man who can do no wrong (even when your ears hurt), but Josh is the one with the true gift that I fear is just not going to get enough appreciation from voters.

Simon Cowell says it will be Melanie Amaro. I am actually more likely to believe, if it isn’t all rigged and the public vote is truly the deciding factor, that it will be Chris Rene. I just hope that someone out there recognizes Josh Krajcik for the brilliant musician and singer he is and gives him the chance to prove he should have been the winner all along.

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