Warren Sapp Claims Jeremy Shockey is Saints Bountygate Snitch

NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp claims he knows who the Bountygate snitch is on the New Orleans Saints. According to Sapp, the person who revealed the truth behind the New Orleans Saints bounty payment program was former tight end Jeremy Shockey.

The big reveal from NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp unfolded on his @QB KILLA Twitter feed. Sapp mysteriously posted on his Twitter feed that he “Just Heard Who The Snitch Was”. Follower luca nicastro quickly replied with a guess who it might be: “Shockey..? RT @QBKILLA”.

Warren Sapp’s reply just minutes later confirmed the guess: “BINGO!”

Jeremy Shockey, however, denied he is the New Orleans Saints snitch who spilled the beans on the bounties being paid to players for hard hits on opposing team members. The former Saints tight end, who now plays for the Carolina Panthers, quickly slammed back at Sapp over his rumor-mongering.

“My ass!! I don’t even play defense! Haha, Shockey said in a reply to the Warren Sapp Twitter postings. “Really?? Wow did I also have something to do with the um scandal?”

Continuing to rant about Sapp’s allegation, Shockey told the NFL analyst he should “ask the comish haha,” referring to Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner. “Why don’t all of u and sapp ask all my teammates!! #GetOutMyFace.”

One of Shockey’s followers pitched in with a Tweet saying: “That assclown Warren Sapp has been arrested for beating women in domestic issues. His credibility is nothing.”

CBS Sports NFL insider Mike Freeman also came out to refute Warren Sapp’s claim Jeremy Shockey was the New Orleans Saints leak. “Shockey was not the Bountygate source. Repeat: he wasn’t. Not true. And I don’t even like Shockey,” Freeman Tweeted.

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton has been suspended for a year over the Bountygate scandal, and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been put on suspension indefinitely.

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