Watch Joaquin Phoenix Act Crazy On Letterman

Was he “acting” or is he bananas? Joaquin Phoenix’s appearance on David Letterman the other night has tongues wagging about what the heck is wrong with the dude! Punk on Letterman for the benefit of brother-in-law Casey Affleck’s documentary on Joaquin? Is Joaquin really quitting acting to become a rapper?! (That HAS to be a punk!) No matter what, it’s worth watching just for the sheer whackiness!

3 thoughts on “Watch Joaquin Phoenix Act Crazy On Letterman”

  1. Joaquin likes to take roles as the odd man out, but that works for him as an actor so this interview with Letterman might complement his career

  2. Joaquin is great. He is just a little confused right now. I have watched every movie he has ever done. I love his acting. He will come back full time and he will explain this situation away.

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