Whitney Houston cause of death likely mix of drugs and alcohol

Although an official Whitney Houston cause of death has not yet been released by the Los Angeles Coroner’s office, sources allegedly close to the family reportedly say the singer probably died of a mix of drugs and alcohol. Whitney Houston was found dead on Saturday in the bathtub of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Despite reports that the pop icon was found underwater, she allegedly did not die of drowning.

Whitney Houston died on Saturday, just one day before the 54th annual Grammy Awards, where Jennifer Hudson paid tribute to the fallen singer with an emotional performance of “I Will Always Love You.” Houston had been scheduled to attend and sing at a pre-Grammy Awards part hosted by music mogul Clive Davis on Saturday night.

Houston was reportedly found partially underwater in the bathtub by her aunt, Mary Jones, according to various media reports. Some earlier reports had indicated the singer was found by her bodyguard. Jones allegedly laid out a dress for Whitney Houston to wear and then left the singer alone in the bath for approximately half an hour. When Houston did not come out of the bathroom as expected, Jones entered and found her partially underwater and unresponsive. Jones reportedly pulled Houston from the tub and began CPR as a 911 call was put in. This led to speculation that the Whitney Houston cause of death might have been an accidental drowning.

Sadly, it was already too late to revive Houston and by the time emergency personnel arrived, she could not be resuscitated. An autopsy on the singer was allegedly inconclusive, but put under a security hold at the request of investigators. Toxicology tests are still pending and will not be complete for four to six weeks.

Sources close to the family have allegedly stated that she probably died of a drug and alcohol mixture, not from drowning. According to TMZ.com, Houston’s family has told by the Los Angeles Coroner’s office that there was too little water in the singer’s lungs to indicate she drowned. Family sources are allegedly reporting that the Whitney Houston cause of death was more than likely due to a combination of prescription drugs mixed with alcohol.

Houston had reportedly been acting erratically in the days leading up to her death and allegedly consuming large amounts of alcohol. The “Waiting to Exhale” actress also reportedly had a habit of taking the anti-anxiety drug Xanax on days that she was scheduled to perform. A combination of too much alcohol and Xanax, with the possibility of other drugs also in combination, could have very well been lethal. Xanax, along with several other prescription medications, were allegedly found in Houston’s hotel room.

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