Whitney Houston cause of death still unknown as autopsy results put on hold

The Whitney Houston cause of death still remains unknown a day after the superstar’s death in a Beverly Hills hotel room. The Whitney Houston autopsy results have been completed, but the report has been put under a security hold due to the ongoing investigation into her death. Toxicology tests from the singer’s death could take from six to eight weeks.

Little is known so far about the last moments before Whitney Houston died on Saturday. According to various reports, Houston was allegedly found unresponsive in the bathtub of her hotel room around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday by one of her bodyguards, who immediately began attempting CPR. A frantic call was put into Beverly Hills 911, but emergency respondents were unable to revive Houston. The singer was not taken to the hospital and her body was not removed from the scene until Sunday morning, implying that she was already beyond all hopes of resuscitation when emergency personnel arrived at her hotel room.

The Whitney Houston autopsy was completed on Sunday, but no official results have been released by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. According to Deputy Coroner Ed Winter, no foul play is suspected and the autopsy results were inconclusive. The autopsy report has been placed on a “security hold” at the request of the Beverly Hills Police Department. This means no further information regarding the Whitney Houston cause of death or condition of her body when she died will be released until the investigation into her death is completed.

Because of Houston’s past history of substance abuse and recent reports of erratic behavior in the days before her death, there has been a storm of speculation that she may have suffered a drug overdose. Because she was allegedly found in the bathtub of her hotel room, there have also been questions about the possibility she may have accidentally drowned. The L. A. County Coroner’s office had refused to comment on any possible cause of death. Various sources have reported, however, that police found a handful of medication bottles of various types in the singer’s hotel rooms. Family members have allegedly said Houston was taking Xanax, which can cause sleepiness in combination with alcohol.

As fans mourn the loss of iconic singer Whitney Houston, the question of what happened at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday afternoon still remains a mystery. How did Whitney Houston die? What was the cause of death of one of the world’s most legendary performers? For now, the explanation will have to remain on hold along with the singer’s autopsy results.

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