Who Went Home on The Amazing Race 2013 Last Night? 11/10/2013

After all the drama the past few weeks, we were really looking forward to tuning in and finding out who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight. Let’s just put it this way, Tim & Marie are NOT our favorite racers this season and we were really hoping it would be them. The sooner we have seen the last of them, the better! Alas, Marie & Tim would not end up being the ones who went home on The Amazing Race tonight.

Speed Dating Is The Worst
The Amazing Race 2013 Episode 7 – Source: CBS

WARNING: The Amazing Race spoilers ahead about tonight’s elimination results — beware!

The six remaining teams travelled to Abu Dhabi tonight for yet another grueling set of challenges on the way to that hefty million dollar prize. The racers first had to rappel 200 feet off of the 9th floor of a building and then fly around a racetrack at high speed. Then it was on to a Detour of either replicating a platter full of different color dates, or putting together a traditional fishing trap.

In this leg of the race, we were really rooting for Tim & Marie to come in dead last and get the boot just so we didn’t have to listen to Marie anymore. We’re honestly not surprised Tim and Marie split up and we doubt they are likely to ever speak to each other again if they don’t win the big prize. Sorry if that’s snarky but that’s just our humble opinion.

Alas, it wasn’t Tim & Marie’s time to go and they did not place last. That unfortunate honor belonged to Kim & Nicky. However, they turned out to be extremely lucky players this evening because it ended up being a non-elimination leg. They’ll be in last place next week but at least they are still in the game!

Check out some The Amazing Race 2013 episode 7 photos below and tell us who you wish would get eliminated next. (Click the pics for bigger photos — Source: CBS.)

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