William Shatner Does Sarah Palin in Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien Video

Last night on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin‘s farewell speech was the subject of an amusing tribute by none other than the infamous William Shatner.

Whether you’re a Sarah Palin fan or not, the William Shatner Sarah Palin farewell video is a golden bit of political satire to love or hate. We share it with you here:

And no, Shatner is not taking liberties with the text in his poetic, beatnik rendition. Kudos to staying true to Palin’s words and letting them speak for themselves. You can check out the original here.

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25 thoughts on “William Shatner Does Sarah Palin in Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien Video”

  1. Hi-Larious! Reminds me of Shat speaking in Esperanto and his short but strange and wonderful recording career. As for those who don’t like: “How Insensitive!!”

  2. Oh, how I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED closed captioning on this!!! I have NO IDEA WHAT HE SAID.
    Looked good, though.

  3. that was 1 of the funniest things i’ve ever seen and shows what a idiot sarah palin is,i laughed so hard durring the whole thing shatner did,it was great

  4. “Oh, how I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED closed captioning on this!!! I have NO IDEA WHAT HE SAID.”

    Nobody had any idea what Palin said, either. Must have gotten ahold of some bad moose meat while writing her speech.

  5. i wanna see someone make fun of michelle obama, saying for the first time, in my adult life, i am proud of my country….WHY ? cause we nominated a black man for the President ?
    OR better yet, someone make fun of Biden ticking off the russians….but that’s just JOE being JOE, and you all though Bush was a moron.

  6. what do people expect from goverment run media, come lets hear some BHO jokes or better yet some Michelle my bell jokes or some dumb bell Biden one liners

  7. However funny or sarcastic Shatner tried to be, he simply cannot match the unintentionally hilarious ignorant idiocy that is Sarah Palin!
    And a quitter to boot!

  8. you left are just a bunch of chit talking morons with little class , Sara has more smarts and morols than all the left put together ,If Daved L. had talked about my teenage dougher as he did hers , I would go visit the scum bag ,and see how funny that would have been , easy to trash talk and harder to be a good person , the left = Homo’s, welfare , lazy..brainless and gluless to working for a living …

  9. too bad Sarah doesn’t speak ghetto, then most of America could have understood her, instead she refers to some Alaskan culture, some terms used by the great poet Robert Service and libs laugh it up, only reveals their ignorance. The American public laughs at what they don’t know or understand, which by the way is most everything written that doesn’t contain pop culture.

  10. Look at all these liberal puppets bashing Palin in their posts. The woman is spotless and has done nothing wrong. And her reasons for leaving office were even noble. It’s not like she said it was because of personal issues and left it at that. She admitted that because of all the attacks on her it was costing Alaska too much and she was ending up a lame duck Governor who couldn’t do what needed to be done. So according to her, she stepped away so that she could allow someone who would be able to do what needed to be done.
    And call me crazy, but what she said makes sense.
    It’s because liberals are told to hate Palin, so they do. Liberals like being manipulated and told what to think.

  11. Anyway, I liked the excerpt. It wasn’t really meant to insult Palin. It was just a joke because of how candid she’s being. Palin was talking like she was free to say what she wanted. I’ve always liked that about certain politicians who can just say what’s on their mind without glittering up the words or saying them just right. I like it when they talk like they are people too. I like when they talk like they are free to say whatever to me.

    If you look at how she was talking, she was talking candidly, like she was just discussing things with a group of friends. Maybe she held back some opinions, but no one bears all their opinions to even their friends in a single discussion.

    But you liberals will still hate her even if she brought world peace because you are told to. You are told what to think and how to think it. That’s why you hate her, not because she deserves it. She’s spotless, and even has a reputation for getting rid of corruption, but you will still hate her because you are told what to think and how to think. And that’s where you are comfortable.

  12. “Liberals like being manipulated and told what to think.”

    Thanks, Jeremy; I’m sure you came up with that observation completely on your own, and not from extensive exposure to right-wing TV, radio, books, etc who tell you who “liberals” are. Any other projections you’d like to share with the class?*

    *if you don’t know what that means, I’ll explain in simpler terms: “I know you are, but what am I.” George Soros, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Streisand, the editors of the NY Times and my secret UN/satanic overlords told me to say that.

  13. Why the hell is anyone making this about politics. I think right now Sarah Palin is the best candidate for us consevatives, but funny is funny and this was it. I like to point out that most conservatives have a sense of humor that you will never find on the liberal side. We can laugh at our own.

  14. Hi Ron,
    It’s cool to call for everyone to stick to “funny or not” and set aside politics, especially since Conan picked a non-political part of Palin’s speech.

    But then why do you feel the strange need to make blanket assertions about senses of humor? Do any of you actually know liberals, except the ones you argue with? We can be fun folks, but it’s kinda hard to tell if you open the conversation by accusing us of being ignorant, lazy, humorless, “gluless” puppets (and that’s just what was said here in the small handful of comments).

  15. They talked about Mrs Clinton,so why not Hunter Queen? When you are in the Lime Light, accepting such a position as she did, she should have known what would be up an said about her!So stay out of the field and everything will go away. This is America don’t you know. I feel bad about her family. That young lady will never get over being the daughter who got pregnant and not married are finished high school,why her mother was running for the second highest job in America.Regardless were she goes or what she does.Bristol will all ways be that person.

  16. Sarah Palin is the most honorable politician you will find. Note how you still can’t let her go even without a position of power. What’s with that? Thinking she’s ridiculous shows your moral compass aimlessly spinning. (You do fall for mass media spin after all.)

    Have you ever read Maya Angelou? or Ai? You probably think they’re “brilliant.” Sarah Palin was talking to an audience of Alaskans with a flowery love of our state. If you didn’t have such a bigoted world view, you might just understand that this was meaningful to her audience.

    The real question: when have you laughed at Obama’s “uhhhhhing” and Michelle dropping her “g’s” with ‘certain’ crowds? Would a late show writer do something with those, please?

  17. If Palin’s an idiot, then what do you call Biden ? I’d like to get some answers about that

  18. OK, Dom. Here’s my take:
    Biden loves to hear himself speak, and has a stupid habit of making mis-statements when speaking off the cuff, but he has a long and respected history as a Senator. Palin has a thin resume and a consistent recent history of proving incapable of producing two complete and coherent sentences on a single topic. Every time she opens her mouth, the negative reactions to her increase.

    It’s astonishing to me that the right wing has embraced Palin. A generation ago, the GOP was able to recognize that the similar Dan Quayle was, at core, unfit for top office. He faded from the national scene pretty quietly after 1992. Is Palin — a less educated, less articulate, less experienced version of GW Bush — really the best you can do? For example, I dislike my governor Tim Pawlenty, but the guy has actually governed for more than two minutes, and is articulate. Ditto for Huckabee, or Romney, or Rice. And Jindahl’s one bad speech shouldn’t disqualify him from future consideration.

    But these folks don’t play the victim like Palin does; is that what is so appealing to you? Tying it back to my other comments — is it really all about blaming and despising liberals? Intellectually, is there nothing remaining of the right wing in this country except that?

  19. liberal,
    so what did u call all the crap that all you libs goin after Bush ? What do you call all the crap goin after Palin day in and day out ?
    I guess you also love Obama and all the spending he’s been doing, I guess you like the democratic congress we’ve had the past few years now ? What have they done except spend spend spend ? Now you heard Tax cheat Geitner say that taxing the middle class is not off the table. I guess you like that Obama’s Czars who are not put through any type of opposition like his cabinet was, I guess you don’t mind having communists and other questionable characters as czars. I heard the one guy actually liked the idea of abortion AFTER the birth, AND wanted to put additives in drinking water to control population. I guess you like having handouts to people who don’t deserve them. I opposed the first stimulous by Bush and thought it was a mistake, this second one is also. You want to see something scary, check this website out and read some of this crap that’s being spread. Is this the change you voted for ?

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