Willie Nelson facing jail time for drugs arrest

Country legend Willie Nelson was arrested in Texas this past weekend for marijuana possession.  If convicted, Nelson could face up to two years in prison.  Two years is a long time for anyone, but it’s especially long when you’re 77 years old.

I guess Willie never thought anything about having six ounces of California-grown medical marijuana on his tour bus, but got surprised when border patrol agents in Texas stopped the bus and searched it.  The medical marijuana is legal in California with proper documentation, but in Texas, not so much.  It’s easy to think that his lawyers will figure a way out of this since he’s Willie Nelson, but if they don’t, there’s a real possibility that he’ll do some serious jail time.

2 thoughts on “Willie Nelson facing jail time for drugs arrest”

  1. Woah, Texas. You don’t lock up an elderly music legend for having a little bit of Pot. I’m pointing the finger at each and every citizen of Texas here, because this is straight up unacceptable. “Oh no, I’m big bad Texas. I put senior citizens in cages because they smell like pot!” That’s it Texas. I’m through with you. I will make sure that, as long as I live, you will never receive another dollar from me or my company. Not until you apologize for this ridiculous behavior. You are the laughing stock of the FREE WORLD.

  2. Free WIlly NOW
    Give us all a break he had some dried harmless plant in his tour bus?

    You guys got nothing better to do?

    This is so redickuless !!

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